Thursday, 24 May 2012

Aziza Brahim

We're doing mini features of our wonderful artistic line-up @ Sahara NightsAnd we're starting with fantastic Saharawi singer and percussionist Aziza Brahim.

Aziza Brahim © Djogo Niemeyer

Aziza is regarded one of the most talented musical voices from Western Sahara. She was born in the Saharawi refugee camps, but spent many years studying in Cuba. This influenced her music, an innovative blend of traditional Saharawi hawl, West African rhythms and Latin Jazz. Singing in Hassania, the native language of her homeland, and Spanish, Aziza has been a great ambassador for the Saharawi cause, dedicating all her singing to her people. Many of her songs are influenced by the breath-taking poetry of her grandmother, Lkhadra Mabruk. Aziza’s new album, Mabruk, which will be released in June, is an homage to her and her great labour as commentator of the 16 years of Saharawi. This is a video of single "La tierra derrama lágrimas."

Further info about Aziza:

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