Friday, 11 September 2009

DESERTED - the story of a forgotten refugee nation

“DESERTED - a story of a forgotten refugee nation”: A Review

On September 7th, the Inspiral Lounge at Camden Lock thankfully provided the venue for our first September event in an effort to raise awareness for not only the Western Sahara issue but, more importantly, for the Saharamarathon 2010. As one of many events over the next three months, we want to reach as many people as possible to inform as well as solicit the registration for the Saharamarathon next February 2010 (for more information on upcoming events, check DON'T MISS THIS).

As part of the evening, three short films were showcased to introduce both the refugee situation with the documentary “DESERTED”, Florie Salnot's jewellery project , and an account of the Saharamarathon 2009.

Danielle Smith, founding director of Sandblast ((c) by Olivia Mann)

Accompanied and introduced by Danielle Smith, founding director of Sandblast, runners from the marathon in February 2009 shared the experiences, worries and personal stories with the audience: “the Sahrawi are hands-down the most hospitable people I've ever encountered” and “if you run, walk, or cheer, this experience is bound to change your perspective” are only a few of many testimonials shared by Gert, George, and many others.

We left Monday night with a notion of achievement and pockets full of names and numbers of those interested in learning more about the Saharamarathon 2010. If you find yourself wondering and wanting to join in, visit us at the upcoming events (see DON'T MISS THIS), contact us via email to , or comment on this post.

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