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ARTS: Finally, Florie's product design projects

Spotted on MA Design

Florie Salno[t], Contribute to Saharawis empowerment through product design
December 4, 2009 

We are calling charity’s to get in touch. We are offering our exchange program as a  tool for research and generation of new ways and strategies within the creative industry but also the social layers of life and environment.

Contribute to Saharawis empowerment through product design.

Two years ago we invited Danielle Smith of Sandblast Arts charity ( to visit us and launch a brief. This was part of our ‘export London’ mission. We are offering our program as a research and aid platform for non developed regions and sectors. This is coming from the belief in culture as a reviver and a generator.

A year later, Florie (one of our students working on this brief) together with Sandblast Arts travelled to the Sahara desert where the Saharawis refugees camps are…

‘To design a way to empower the Saharawis to produce some objects by utilizing the resources available in the camps.

The two aims:
-To enable the Saharawis to express themselves, their culture and identity which have been threatened by years of conflict with Morroco.
-Enable the Sahrarwis to generate an income.

For this project, I have developed:
-A technique to recycle plastic bottles
-Some tools
-Some samples of possible outcomes

Then, I gave shape to it by organising a workshop in the Saharawi refugee camp of Dakhla (Algerian desert), in April 2009.’

Read more from Florie Salno[t] and the Saharawis project outcome please visit

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