Tuesday, 9 June 2009

LAUNCH FEATURE #1: British-Saharawi drama

Henry Blake, actor and member of Caravanserai Productions and Acting Studio in London, performs with aspiring Saharawi actor, Zrug Lula, in THE WALL-presented as a work in progress at the 2007 Sandblast Festival. This historic British Saharawi theatre collaboration, will be premiered in full on July 23rd, 2009 in London. A few preview scenes will be presented on JUNE 12 at the Sandblast cultural launch of Running the Sahara 2010.

Now renamed THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL, the play tells the story of the Saharawi struggle through the extraordinary life story of ElKeihal, a Saharawi poet, separated from his mother as a young boy at the height of the war, in Western Sahara, who does not reunite with her until 21 years later.

Check DON'T MISS THIS closer to the date for details.

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