Monday, 8 June 2009

Special Guest confirmed

We are delighted to announce that Sahal Hmatou Amaidane will be a special guest at the launch of “Running the Sahara 2010”. Salah is a political refugee from Western Sahara in France. He has dedicated most of his sports career to running for the freedom of his people and homeland, occupied by Morocco since 1975. For his athletic and political aspirations, Salah has endured all kinds of physical and emotional hardships: most recently a brutal attack by two Moroccan men in the Pyrenees while he was training alongside Paula Radcliffe.

Alongside other marathon participants of the 2009 race, he will share his experiences at the launch evening.

Update 11/6/09: Unfortunately, we have to inform you that Salah Amaidane will not be able to join us for Friday night. We hope to invite him for later this year and will keep you posted.

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