Friday, 12 June 2009

Official UK launch of Free Western Sahara Campaign

As I write this, a delegation formed of representatives from the Western Sahara Campaign, Polisario Front, Sandblast and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Western Sahara head to 10 Downing Street to call on the prime minister Gordon Brown to take steps to resolve the Western Sahara dispute. The delegation is handing Brown a letter from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) president-in-exile pledging the leader of one of the most powerful Western countries to become active. With specific focus on the continuous exploitation of the territories resources and fishery, the Free Western Sahara Campaign is drawing attention to this - as the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan would name it - "orphaned" dispute that is held in a tight international geopolitical and -economic grip.

Western Sahara Resource Watch wrote two valueable contributions to today's events:
Press Release: Brown called on to take action
British MEPs call on amending EU-Moroccan fisheries agreement

The official press release of the Free Western Sahara Campaign by Stefan Simanowitz quotes MP Jeremy Corbyn (L) to say: "Our collective failure to address Morocco’s ongoing violation of countless UN Resolutions, to stop the illegal plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources and to allow human rights abuses to be committed with impunity diminishes Britain, it diminishes the United Nations and it is an affront to all those with a belief in justice".

While this specific action focuses on the exploitation of the territory's resources and fishery by the international community, the UK Free Western Sahara Campaign addresses the resolution of the Western Sahara dispute, the human rights violations, the unkept promises of the United Nations and the international community and the absence of the dispute and the Saharawi people in public awareness and discourse.

To join the campagn, visit

Update: The Guardian posted Simanowitz's letter "Western Sahara's lingering crisis" here, Indymedia here, and Newstin here .

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